Diesel Jeans vs Wrangler Jeans - Which is Better?

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Published: 28th December 2010
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Both Diesel Jeans and wrangler jeans have their own good points. The difference between the two brand name jeans is the design. Diesel offers more selections of jeans compare to wrangler because it has already been in the market for more than 20 years. Diesel is an international fashion company. The main product of Diesel is jeans. Besides jeans, Diesel also produce other types of clothing including t-shirts, jackets and etc. The design of Diesel jeans is simple yet practical. It is one of the largest designer clothing manufacturers in the world. It has more than 10,000 points of sale. The Diesel jeans collection is available in more than 50 fashion boutiques.

Diesel is created by Renzo Rosso in 1978. Rosso started the fashion designing company because he wanted shirts that are stylish. He wanted the designer to express themselves when creating the designs for the shirt. Diesel clothing aims at the young adult. Wilber Das used to be the creative director of Diesel jeans. Under the direction of Wilbert Das, he had introduced a new collection called Diesel Black Gold. He also created the kids collection called Diesel Kid. Diesel also offers limited edition denim jeans. The limited edition denim jeans is sold exclusively in art gallery place.

Wrangler is a jeans manufacturer that is located in the town of Greensboro, North Carolina. It has a number of production plants. The production plants for the Wrangler jeans are located in several parts in the world. The chairman of the Wrangler jeans manufacturer is dieter, Jacob Feuerborn. Wrangler jeans were initially invented by Blue Bell. Blue Bell was in charged of the brand when he purchased the Casey Jones company in 1940s After that, he hired a polish tailor called Bernard Lichtenstein to create a jean that suits the cowboy. He wanted to produce jeans that are suitable for rodeo. The first Wrangler jeans are the 13 MWZ style. The 13 MWZ style was produced in 1947. Today, it is one of the most popular jeans in the world. Besides, Wrangler also produces other types. Wrangler specialized in making jeans that suit different group of people.

In 1962, Wrangler launched a factory in Belgium. After the factory is opened, Wrangler jeans were made available to the people in Europe. Wrangler jeans are very popular among young people. Teenagers like to wear the jeans because of its stylish design. Wrangler jeans were endorsed by the Pro Cowboys Association of American (PRCA). In 1986, Blue Bell signed a contract deal to join with the VF Corporation. In 1997, Wrangler created a special collectors edition of jeans line called 13 MWZ. The 13 MWZ special collectors’ editions were created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 13 MWZ jeans.

Today, Wrangler jeans are well received among the Americans. According to the statistic, one out of every five jeans sold in the United States is made under the Wrangler brand name. You can find Wrangler jeans at your local fashion boutique store. Alternatively, you can visit the online store to shop for Wrangler jeans at your own convenience.

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